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SWER is one of the fastest and largest professional online coaching/ tutoring and training platform around the globe. We aim to enhance our foot print to make it reach to each and every learner through a net work of Franchisee Partners’ for market reach and penetration. At SWER, Our Core philosophy is, Education and Learning is the right of everyone without any barrier or boundaries. Implementing latest technologies to make is beneficial to each and everyone around the globe to infuse a positive change is our motto. Therefore, our prime objective is to prepare the base for quality and hassle free education. We believe that traditional Knowledge-based education is no longer meeting the requirements in current times or the aspirations of the learners. We have therefore moved beyond academia and transformed ourselves into a truly professional online coaching/ tutoring and training organization matching schooling, business and industry requirements for employment and business setups. Learning is a lifelong process and training needs will change at various stages of a professional’s life. Our online coaching/ tutoring or training is modeled on the real world of work. We aim to train rather than educate; assess rather than just examine; produce doers rather than intellectuals; and we instill in our learners a professional value system that will make them truely valuable citizens. At SWER, we have multiple business opportunities in various areas and one of them is Satellite Class Rooms.

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